Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Bugs in the Goldmine

Hey everyone again thaks for being part of the show and reading the blog. Yup there you saw the title right we talked about Bugs in the Goldmine well kind of.:). We looked at two more Tools TA Goldmine and NET Bug a Video Advertiseing Search engine. Be sure to tune in a get the info. Also rember we are seeking fund raisers to help non profits and comminity groups

Friday, October 2, 2009

Long Time no Post

Long Time no Post I know. Sorry about that.If you have missed the show lately you will want to go back and listen to the archives has we have covered some great stuff. Like how do you handel the no. Handling negative. We reviewed some tools like vinefire and IAHBE. Thanks for being a Loyal listener and Reader. Let Us know some of the team building things you would like for us to cover. If your Group offers fundraiseing let us know we want you has a guest on the show.

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