Thursday, May 28, 2009

Teamwork Radio

Welcome to the Teamwork Radio Blog. We hope to inform you on teamwork Tips and tools to help you grow your business. You can listen to our show each Tues. at 10 AM est. at . Each week we talk about Tips and Tools to help you build a strong team. Together Everyone ( that's you and me ) Achieves More. Hear is a tool I came across that can help you get your team in the news and get you some great P. R. We even talked about it on the show. Go to register for free. Each day you will get three emails that will give you info on reporters from a wide variety of sources who are looking for help with there story and if your Team has a expertise in that area contact the Reporter listed. There contact info will be listed for you . Who knows you might get your team some great free publicity.

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