Monday, June 15, 2009

Everyone vs Someone

One of my favorite sports teams signed a player recently with a resume to die for. They are definitely a all star. So you may be asking whats the problem? Well the question is do they fit in with the team dynamic. Yea this player may help the team from time to time .But is there presence more of a hindrance to the team then a help. In the MLM/ affiliate world (yet its true in the brick and mortar world to)I think many teams do harm to themselves by adapting a everyone mentality. Instead of looking for those someones that fit with there plan. We all want that all star player on our team. But keep in mind will this person Add to our team or take away. Know the type people you want to work with on your team be picky in a sense. In the long run passing on that "all star" who might help your team in the short term but harm in the end. Could be the best Team decision you ever make and over the Long haul your team will be more successful.

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