Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Extra Extra Read all about it

Extra Extra Read all about it!! The kid on the conner would yell so you would bye a paper and read the latest news of the day. Well things have changed a lot since those days. Now we can get our news almost before it happens it seems. In those days that kid on the conner was that papers source of advertising, getting the word out about the latest news you had to read in that days edition. Advertising has come along way over time has well. On the show last week we went over different advertising sources to help your team get the word out. One of the new tools that your team needs to look at combines Video with the power of a search engine. Plus your team can dominate its nitch . Give your team its own advertising agency. In effect you will have a kid on evry conner yelling Extra Extra read oh well in this case see and hear all about it!!!!

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