Sunday, July 26, 2009

Nothing like a good chase sceen

There is nothing like a good chase sceen in a movie or TV show.You know like when Bo and Luke would jump in the General Lee and Rosco and Enos would give chase in there squad cars thru the dirt roads of Hazzard county . You always knew it would end up with the General Lee doing some awsome jump and Rosco and Enos crashing into the mud pile or something. Well has much fun it is to watch a good chase sceen. Chaseing after prospects in buisness almost if not always has you ending up like Rosco and Enos crashed into the mud pile. Now don't get me wrong yes you do need to follow up with people yes and even more then once. But don,t chase if that prospect is playing the avoido game with you like not takeing your calls ducking down another aiel when they see you in the grocery store. STOP don't chase all your doing is spinning your wheels and your going to end up in that mud pile. Listen in to what we had to say on the topic.

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