Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Yesterday I attended a grand opening celebration for a local shopping center. There was a parade stilt walkers magic acts and lots of excitement. Along with lots of shoppers. What a change for a shopping center that before had been run down and past its prim. Inside it look like something from a Brady Bunch episode. But after a extensive remodeling project the center has a new sleek clean look and lots of excitement. Thus the Grand opening celebration. Now what dose all this have to do with your team? Well maybe your at a crossroads visits to your site is down and things are going a little slow. Well take some advise from this center do some remodeling. You know write a new type of blog update the look of you site find a new niche advertise a little differently. Then involve your whole team in a Grand Opening or grand reopening celebration to show off Your new approach generate some excitement .If your excited your team will be and if your team is so will your prospects they will want to see and know what the buzz is about.

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