Monday, August 17, 2009

Extra Extra hear all about it!!

Last week we did a special brodcast of our show to talk about a great tool that our team is so excited about. What is it you ask ?

In this economy many people are faceing heard times and are looking for way to both save money and make money. WellI came across this program called 2 plus 7 witch is alowing singels and familys alike to do just that. In a word its awsome!! You can go hear and signyourself up.
My friend Michele Valenti has done a excelent job in explaining all that 2 plus 7 hasto offer. Hear is what she writes.

There have been many questions regarding what the 2plus7 is all about and how it all works.

The 2plus7 program is an ingenious program that offers a tremendous amount of benefits to it's 2plus7 members and also offers a unique compensation plan just for referring others to the 2plus7's benefits program.

This is what you get for only $27 with the 2plus7's benefits program:

•Mortgage software - $1,500 value, pay off your 30 yr mortgage in 1/3 the time

•Nutritionist - $1000 Value, Instruction on eating properly and healthy

•Medical Doctor -$1000 Value, medical updates daily

•Natural Doctor - $1000 Value, natural cures

•Dr. Forex - $1000 Value, learn how to trade on the Forex market
by a professional.

•Event Planner - $500 Value, Secret Savings planning events such as weddings.

•Animal Therapist - $500 Value, books, how to handle your pet and other animals.

•Motivational - $1000 Value, motivational information on audio, and articles.

•Personal Development Coach - $500 Value

•Internet Tool Box - $500, All the free stuff from the internet all in one place

•National Chef - $500 Value, videos, prepare, cook, and present like a chef.

•National Discounts - SAVE THOUSANDS!! on companies like Avis, Chilies Starbucks, Disney, etc.

•Magician - $1,000 Value, learn magic tricks from a illusionist Dan Cain

•Personal Trainer - $1,000 Value, Former NFL Player Jerry Dorsey designs you workouts

•Lead Generation System - $1,000 Value, New leads and leads management system.

•Dancing - $1,000 Value. Learn to dance with a 10X National Champion as a Dance Instructor.

•Tax software - April 15 - $5000 value, created for home based businesses

•Internet Marketing - $10,000 Value, Learn how to do internet marketing.

We also offer benefits through our discount program:

Prescription discount card - Can save you hundreds of dollars a month Automobile membership program similar to AAA ($59 value)

Grocery store - 11 pages of grocery store discounts, $2.50 off diapers, $1 off Tony's Pizza and much more...

Cash Back Mall - Save hundreds of dollars shopping at your cash back mall and get paid to shop...

How do you make money with the 2plus7 benefits program?

It's one straight line. Refer 2 people and you will automatically get the next 7 enrollees that enroll from anywhere in the world. You also get your $27 right back.

Your Referral 1
Your Referral 2

Your 7 People will always be there.. You Keep your 2 Qualifying Referrals in Play and you will cycle Over and Over and Over!

You can do this as many times as you want. Every time you Enroll 2 it follows the same suite.

Now, do you have to enroll millions of people- the answer is Absolutely Not! Your 7 Sales that you Need to Cycle will Be unlimited! They will always be there Over and Over!

Here is another example:

If you sign up Jill and Jill signs up Bob and Bob is a super network marketer! Lets say Bob cycles 100 times in 3 days!! Bob made $2,700, Bob comes back to Jill 100 times; so Jill cycles 50 times and makes $1,350.00

What??? Jill comes back to you, 50 times and you Cycle 25 times. That's $545.00 just from Bob's efforts that comes back to you!!

You can make $810 a month and it will grow from there by just doing the following:
Enroll 6 and teach them how to Enroll 6 and if they just Enroll 4 you just made $810 for the month.

Become an executive director and you will make $7,290 a month over and over and over again.

Enroll 10 who refer 8 who refer 6 and you will cycle 270 times X $27 = $7,290

These are just the first 2 promotions. There are many more that generates a lot more money.

Who introduced me to it? One of my Ambit Consultants, Ken Tallman, was talking about it one day. He was telling me that the company offers a automotive service for only $22 for the year and its the same as what AAA charges for $59. Not only that, $12.50 of it goes to feed the children. It's a Christian based organization.

You can go directly to the site and watch the movie at 2 plus 7


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